"I have all my evening gowns custom made by Belluccio and receive exceptional service each time. Julie has a beautiful eye for design and really takes the time to tailor a flattering style so I can step out in confidence. This is without a doubt one of the best couture brands around, which is evident from their strong repertoire of celebrity clientele - delicate fabrics, quality embellishment, and beautiful workmanship. Highly recommended"    

Former National Director of Miss World Australia - N.Zhang


"Live The Customized Experience" 

The Belluccio Group consists of a diverse range of products and services for all audiences in Australia, Romania, India, USA & The United Arab Emirates and continuously striving for growth & expansion.

This  has seen the company grow from its origin in Textiles, to Property Development & Education, and recently its merge into Production & Events  

The Belluccio Group was founded by The Sufi Family of Melbourne, Australia. 


Because every individual is unique according to their individual needs and wants, we encourage clients to live the customised experience.

Hence, we provide you with the ability have a custom made gown, select from a range of house and land packages or choose from a wide range of Universities to study in to grow personally and professionally.

The pleasant staff at Belluccio Group provide expert advice & ensure that your dreams will come true.

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